The Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness’ mission is to create a national movement to prevent and end homelessness in Canada through the development of 10 Year Plans to End Homelessness (10 Year Plans) in communities across the country.

The Canadian Housing and Renewal Association believes that, although shelter is a basic element of human survival, adequate and affordable housing provides much more than a physical structure to meet this human need. An affordable and secure home provides a stable foundation from which individuals, communities and Canada as a whole can prosper.

The Canadian Observatory on Homelessness is a non-profit, non-partisan research institute that is committed to conducting and mobilizing research so as to contribute to solutions to homelessness.  We work together as a group of researchers, service providers, policy and decision makers, people with lived experience of homelessness as well as graduate and undergraduate students from across Canada with a passion for social justice issues and a desire to solve homelessness in our communities.

Egale Human Rights Trust’s mission is to advance human rights based on sexual orientation and gender identity through research, education and community engagement.

The National Learning Community on Youth Homelessness is a pan-Canadian network of leading youth serving organizations across the country who work collaboratively on key issues, sharing promising practices and developing strategies and tools to strengthen our sector. The Learning Community members are represented below.

Raising the Roof provides national leadership on long-term solutions to homelessness through partnership and collaboration with diverse stakeholders, investment in local communities, and public education.



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The views expressed on this website are those of the A Way Home coalition and do not necessarily reflect those of the individual organizations.