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Research, data management, and information sharing play an important role in solutions to homelessness.

They provide a deeper understanding of the problem, strong evidence for interventions and solutions, and support monitoring activities and the sharing of best practices from other areas.

In partnership with the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness, we have co-created a national research agenda on youth homelessness. The agenda will increase our understanding of the problem of youth homelessness, support solutions to youth homelessness, build local capacity for gathering data, and develop tools to facilitate change across the country.

Key Priorities of Our Research Agenda

  • Toolkits

Create comprehensive toolkits that allow communities to adapt successful program models into their local context. Technical support is provided to assist with adaptation.

  • Data Management Support

Build local capacity for assessment, case management, integrating a youth focus into information management systems, evaluation and quality assurance.

  • Program Model Case Studies

Examples of successful program models for addressing youth homelessness from Canada, the U.S. and around the world.

  • National Youth Homelessness Survey

These survey results have deepened our understanding of youth homelessness and will help communities develop more targeted and effective strategies to address the problem.


  • Prevention Framework

This framework will help guide communities as they shift from managing the problem of youth homelessness to a prevention approach. It will create a common language, highlight effective preventive interventions, and identify where supports and responsibility for prevention lie. The framework will be released in January 2017.

  • Cost Effectiveness Study

This study will demonstrate that an investment in helping homeless youth transition to adulthood and well-being is the most cost efficient method.

  • Emerging Research Agenda

We will continue to develop key research questions on youth homelessness in consultation with researchers, practitioners, policy makers and young people.

View our research-based materials here.

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