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Team Canada and the Street Child World Cup

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“Soccer has given me so much and continues to enrich my life. When I struggled in school it gave me a sense of confidence and purpose and when I suffered heartbreak and loss it gave me shelter and an invaluable sisterhood of friends to lean on. Through sport, I developed character and leadership. I was taught the difference between winning and winning with grace, a profound detail I consider one of my greatest life lessons. Sport has the power to change lives, just the same way school and the arts do. Everyone has their own unique abilities and everyone should have the opportunity to share them with the world.” ~ Rhian Wilkinson, retired Canadian Women’s Soccer Team Member and double Olympic bronze medalist

As part of our ongoing commitment to elevating the voices of youth with lived experience of homelessness, A Way Home Canada and the National Learning Community on Youth Homelessness have partnered with Street Child United to send a team of Canadian youth to the 2018 Street Child World Cup in Moscow.

The goal: to inspire 9 amazing young people representing Canada to be leaders and advocates as they share their experiences and what they learned from their international peers at the World Cup when they return home.

Preparation and Training

This is the first time a team from Canada will participate in the Street Child World Cup. To prepare TEAM CANADA, we are hosting a Training Summit for 12 youth where they can practice their soccer skills and engage in workshops on public speaking, advocacy and community organizing.

Street Child World Cup Moscow 2018

There are 3 main components to the Street Child World Cup:

Football Arts Based Programming Leadership
216 girls and boys from 22 countries will gather in Moscow to play soccer, including 9 youth from Team Canada. Youth will be brought together in a safe space where they can be seen and their voices heard–on a level playing field. Youth will take part in a spectacular festival of arts including opening and closing ceremonies, theatre, dance, music, and visual arts. They will also participate in activities with local communities, visiting historical and cultural landmarks. Youth will also participate in a child-focused Congress. TEAM CANADA will use this platform to rally support from the general public and policymakers to drive practice and policy change.

Impact and Legacy

The Street Child World Cup empowers youth. These youth become role models in their communities. From their journey, systemic change will begin with more at-risk young people able to access housing, a viable education and skills to work and transition to adulthood. This will lead to less young people waiting for life-saving services and housing. TEAM CANADA will also work on our World Cup Legacy Project, a video production about how Canada can prevent youth from experiencing homelessness.Impact and Legacy

Here is a powerful video produced by Street Child United called “The Power of Football to Change Lives“.

Team Recruitment

We will be recruiting 9 girls to represent Canada at the Street Child World Cup. The eligibility criteria is:

  • Identify as female
  • 13-17 years old during the event (May 2018)
  • Are living independently of parents and/or caregivers, but do not have the means or ability to acquire a stable, safe or consistent residence.
  • Athletically inclined (preference for soccer experience)
  • Interest in being a peer leader
  • Willing and able to travel to the host city of the training summit
  • Willingness and able to travel Moscow Russia in May 2018 (travel visa and associated costs will be covered)

For more information on joining the team please contact Lesley McMillan.

Team Canada Partnership

A Way Home Canada and Street Child United USA are seeking sponsorship partners to support the participation of Team Canada in the Street Child World Cup, Moscow, 2018. The partnership will cover flights, visas ($55,000 CDN), legacy funding ($20,000 CDN) to support the legacy goals of Team Canada and a training summit to prepare team members for the road to Moscow and back home ($20,000).

The total cost for Team Canada to participate in the 2018 Street Child World Cup is $95,000 CDN.

Recognition Platinum
Sole Sponsor
Headline Sponsor
Invitation to visit the Training Summit
Logo on the front of the team jersey  ✓
Framed team jersey signed by the players  ✓
Recognition in social media posts  ✓
Logo on Team Canada’s travel outfits  ✓  ✓  ✓  ✓
Logo on all promotional materials  ✓  ✓  ✓  ✓
Logo on event page on A Way Home’s site  ✓  ✓
 Framed team photo taken in Moscow  ✓  ✓  ✓  ✓

The PLATINUM SPONSOR is the sole sponsor of Team Canada at the 2018 Street Child World Cup in Moscow. This sponsor covers all costs of the event ($95,000) and will receive prime sponsorship recognition.


The GOLD SPONSOR covers the cost of: the Legacy Project and travel documents (passports and visas).

  1. Silver Travel Sponsor
  2. Silver Training Summit Sponsor
  1. Training Summit Flights Bronze Sponsor
  2. Support Staff Bronze Sponsor
  3. Youth Supports Bronze Sponsor
  4. Contributing Training Summit Bronze Sponsor # 1
  5. Contributing Training Summit Bronze Sponsor # 2

For more information on sponsoring Team Canada please contact Lesley McMillan.

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