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A Way Home is a repository for effective program models and innovations.

We work with national and local partners to develop resources and mobilize this knowledge. We do this so that communities can adapt programs to their local context in ways that preserve the integrity of the intervention, but meet local needs and circumstances. A Way Home makes resources freely available and at the same time facilitates access to technical support to allow communities to implement interventions that support their community plans and their overall goal to prevent and end youth homelessness.

Preventing, Reducing and Ending Youth HomelessnessMaking the Shift: Reimagining the response to youth homelessness through social innovation

The Making the Shift project will help  communities and government to move away from band-aid solutions to youth homelessness.  Through the development and testing of effective strategies to prevent youth homelessness and to help those who are move out of it quickly and achieve housing stability (through Housing First for Youth), the Making the Shift project will provide the knowledge and evidence base to support this shift.

The Making the Shift project will provide prevention and Housing First for Youth interventions to young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in 10 communities in 2 provinces where there are existing or emerging provincial strategies to end youth homelessness.

Supporting the work of the “Making the Shift” demonstration projects will be the Youth Homelessness Social Innovation Lab (YHSIL), housed at the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness.  Its role is to identify and imagine policy and practice innovations that have a high potential of contributing to effective solutions. The YHSIL will be responsible for the research, “proof of concept” and knowledge development components of the “Making the Shift” demonstration projects, and will act as an important agent of change.

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The Upstream Project

This demonstration project of a school-based prevention program identifies youth at-risk and provides them with the wraparound supports they need to maintain housing and avoid school drop-out. The initiative is led by national partners Raising the Roof, the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness and A Way Home and is currently being piloted in two Ontario communities by 360kids and The RAFT.

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