A Way Home Canada works with partners across the country to support the practical shift in how we respond to youth homelessness from primarily a crisis response to one that focuses on prevention and sustained exits from homelessness.

The ultimate goal is to ensure better outcomes for young people and their families. We encourage and foster the use of evidence to inform service models and assessment tools, and support service providers to take a “systems approach” to their community-wide response.

Outside of developing tools, resources and providing thought leadership, A Way Home hosts the National Learning Community on Youth Homelessness. This pan-Canadian “community of practice” is dedicated to shortening the amount of time any young person is mired in an emergency situation. These passionate practitioners are fostering shifts in their local policies and practices in order to achieve this goal. The Learning Community also works closely with A Way Home to ensure that our policy and planning work is both informed by what’s happening “on the ground” in communities, as well as guided by the voices of people with lived experience of youth homelessness.



The National Learning Community on Youth Homelessness (Learning Community) is a pan-Canadian community of practice consisting of leading youth serving organizations across the country.

The Learning Community is now accepting General Members. This new membership category enables organizations and individuals working with homeless youth to access the resources of the Learning Community.

The Learning Community’s purpose is to continually build upon the collective wisdom and experience of our members and partners to prevent, reduce and end youth homelessness nationally. We are accomplishing this by providing a community of practice for service providers and by advocating for systemic and policy changes that will prevent, reduce and end youth homelessness.

There are two categories of General Member: Organization and Individual. The fee for Organizational General Members is $100 and the fee for Individual General Members is $25.

 General Membership

The General Membership category was created for organizations and individuals who are looking for resources on youth homelessness and staff development opportunities. These resources include:

  1. Front of the line access to new tools and resources designed by the Learning Community
  2. Front of the line access to Learning Community webinars
  3. Receive quarterly e-newsletter from the Learning Community
  4. Receive early notification of national conference details (CAEH and CHRA)
  5. Early access to resources designed by A Way Home Canada
  6. Connect with other youth serving organizations on the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness Workspace
  7. Curated resources list and key new research reports

For more information on General Membership in the Learning Community, please contact Lesley McMillan.

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The views expressed on this website are those of the A Way Home coalition and do not necessarily reflect those of the individual organizations.